Meditation shawls, also known as prayer shawls, have been used by many different cultures and religions for thousands of years. Meditation shawls are essentially blankets that meditation practitioners use to cover and drape around themselves to have that extra bodily and spiritual support.

Bodily support in the sense that when your physical body remains still for a longer period of time it can begin to cool more rapidly, leaving you cold and distracted. A meditation shawl can solve this conundrum.

When it comes to spiritual support, the shawl can help in focusing your mind, keeping it centered and aligned.

One a side note, something I’ve found that’s always fascinated me is the comforting effects that blankets have on us human beings. Even if the room you’re sleeping in isn’t that cold, blankets almost always have a way of inducing a state of security, comfort and relaxation.

Even though meditation is often times a highly relaxing process, the additive effects of a meditation shawl can perhaps deepen your relaxation a little further.