Be Aware of Fake Kullu Art in Name of Kullu Shawls

Sale of fake Kullu shawls has weavers on edge:-


                                       Weavers of Kullu shawl in district Kullu are suffering huge losses in profits and brand value of Kullu shawls by cheating and misusing Kullu shawl brand which were manufactured on power loom, Dobby and Jacquard in acrylic and cheap blends.
                                        Besides out of total shawl manufactured 20% was manufactured by Kullu weavers and rest 80% manufactured in Ludhiana handlooms, power looms, Dobby and Jacquard. Therefore Kullu Shawl weavers were under huge debt trap.
                                 Despite the Geographical Indication mark on Kullu shawls to prevent the sale of fake ones produced in Ludhiana and power looms in Kullu district, not much has been done to check the illegality. Offenders continue cheating tourists which is impacting the handloom industry of Kullu-Manali.
                                 The Weavers of Kullu Expects a Fare Price for their Inheriting Art on Shawls, Stole, Mufflers etc during winter seasons and Festival Seasons(Int. Dushehra,Mandi Shivratri, Lavi etc) but due to the availability of fake Kullu shawls at cheaper prices, they are facing losses in their business. Sources said the offenders involved in the sale of fake Kullu shawls were doing their business in an organised way. 
                                 As per Reports during International Dushehra 2017, there was 75 per cent sale of fake shawls, which was not good for the local industry. Despite the GI mark on Kullu shawls, most of the tourists were not aware of their legal rights.
                                The offenders were imitating the design of Kullu shawls and were selling those at cheaper rates. The price of Kullu shawls is high as compared to the power-loom products because it takes a lot of time and hard work to develop the product on Handloom and all embroidery done by hand only. 

Importance of Kullu Shawls in local economy:-

Kullu shawls play a very significant role in the economy of valley. It is one of the major income sources for these people where thousands of them earn their living by weaving part time or full time.

Around 20,000 people work part-time and about 10,000 people earn their livelihood by working full-time. These shawls are made in valley itself by local people who have inherited their skills from their past generations. Shawls made in the valley are woven using handlooms and these handlooms can be found in almost every home in rural areas. These are used to weave shawls and fabric for other clothes to fulfill their own needs or for commercial purposes. Kullu shawls are also an important part of heritage of Himachal Pradesh.

How to make sure if it’s original or fake?

Follow these tips to ensure you don’t end up buying fake, factory made shawls:

  • Don’t fall for big discounts. Handmade shawls are often very genuinely priced so discounts are not affordable. So if you’re getting heavy discounts, chances are you’re not getting real thing.
  • Avoid referrals from Taxi drivers. They often get big commissions to refer tourists to buy factory made shawls/stoles. Rather ask some local person or shopkeeper.
  • Most of the original Kullu shawls vendors are a part of some registered society so you can ask shopkeepers about it and if they are registered under one then it’s safe to buy from them.
  • Government has issued a Geographic Indicator(GI) to original Kullu Shawls. So you can ask shopkeeper about it, but it’s not very common and very few societies have obtained it so it’s not an idle way to confirm the authenticity of Kullu Shawls.

    Seal of Trust

A litmus test to see the reverse side of the woven garment. If the design appears the same either ways, that an indication that the shawl is handcrafted.

  • The finish rendered to the handmade shawl is comparatively coarser as it helps retain more warmth. The designs on the handcrafted one are typically Kullu like the ones found on the Kullu caps here.
  • The dyes used are organic, Eco-friendly and are non toxic on the skin.

We, as HimalayanKraft wants to bring our Art and Culture from our Hand to You in the form of Shawls,Stoles and Mufflers etc. Its our Inherited Art & Culture from Our Ancestors. And we are waiting for your Love for Our Art and Culture. Buy Our Genuine Hand Woven Products from any below Marketplace from your Home and we will deliver our Art to you at your doors.

True Name Of Genuity

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