PM Modi Love To Wear Himachal Cap

PM Modi Love To Wear Himachal Cap

Prime Minister Modi Ji Wearing Himachal Cap During His Visit To KedarNath Uttrakhand.

Modi Ji Love Himachal Culture and Its Art on Handloom. Modi Ji Love To Wear Himachal Caps In Foreign Visits Too and He Always carry Chamba Rumaal In his Pocket.

Not PM loves Himachal Traditional Cap But You Can See Our President Shree Ram nath Kovind Ji Always wearing this Beautiful crown on his head.

They Have Their Personal Tailor in President House in Delhi to Make these Himachali Caps.

Himachal Caps are truly a crown of every Himachali. You Can See every Person wearing this cap in Himachal During Winters.

Himachali Cap (Topi) also Called “Pahadi Topi” is the Crown of Every Himachali.

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Pure Art From Himalaya- Empowering Those, Who Weave Magic

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