Marino Wool Muffler

Marino Wool  Muffler made from Australian marino Wool article can be draped around the neck by men and women. It is woven usually with pashmina, merino or angora wool having threads of different colors. The process of weaving muffler is same as that of shawls, but the smaller looms are used for mufflers. All designs and patterns of shawls can be woven on the mufflers. Gents mufflers measures 1.70 meters x 0.30 m, while ladies mufflers are little bit longer in length with same width. It keeps the neck and the chest warm from cold. It has elaborate designs on both ends. Depending on the patterning style, like shawls, the mufflers can also be classified into two types as Kullu mufflers & Kinnauri Mufflers. Kullu mufflers shawls have geometrical designs on both ends while Kinnauri Mufflers have traditional Kinnauri designs with unique 5 colour patterning on both ends.

Technical Specifications of Mufflers:
Yarn Used: Warp 2/ 44’s, to 2/ 64’s Woolen Worsted
Weft 2/ 44’s to 2/ 64’s Woolen Worsted , Hand Spun- Pashmina, Angora, etc.
Patterning 2/ 32’s Woolen Worsted / Acrylic. 2-3 ply.
Size 1.70 meters x 0.30 m
Weave 2/2 Twill (base) & Weft rib in patterning.
Weight From 80 to 200 gms
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