Kullu Wool Scarves

This collection of scarves for HimalayanKraft was handmade by women in the Indian Himalayas. Sourcing wool from local small Weavers and Artisans, each piece was hand loomed in traditionally inspired Kullu patterns. Each pattern is extremely limited.

We hope you enjoy the comfort and beauty of each piece when the thermometer drops!

Scarf body 100% wool (local Weavers of the region), pattern made with 15% cashmilon to maintain vibrancy of colors.

Made in the Kullu region of Himachal Pradesh, providing fair wage jobs for women.

  • Warm Woollen Kullu Scarf from Himachal India
  • Style and Texture suitable for Home, Office, and other Occasions.
  • Colours from Natural Dye make this Skin Friendly.
  • Most houses in Kullu and Kinnaur have a weaving hand loom, where these Scarves are made from yarn.
  • Geometric design inspired by Nature and woven with Earthly shades of Grey and Red.
  • Only the best wool is used to make these Kullu scarves.
  • Pure and Natural Wool is either sourced locally or imported, and weaved with traditional border and motif, that reflect the geographical surroundings

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